3 Steps to Keep Your Log Home Beautiful

Once you’ve got a beautiful log home, you’ll want to keep it looking good and protect your finish and the wood from water damage.  Follow our simple instructions below and your log home will look great and resist water damage for years to come. Read all about:

  • 3 Facts You Must Know About Maintaining Your Log Home Stain & Finish
  • 4 Steps to Keep Your Log Home Beautiful
  • Choosing the Right Stain Colors and Finishing for Your Log Home or Cabin

Pete Explains How to Choose Exterior Wood Stain

 3 Steps to Keep Your Log Home Beautiful

Step 1: Make sure your wood has been properly dried for best absorption rates.

If you order from Northern Log, your wood will be dried to the ideal moisture point to ensure the best absorption rate of pre-stain and finishing. We dry our wood to 12% moisture rate before finishing and shipping. Kiln drying helps prepare the wood to open the wood grain for best absorption.

To further open the wood grain when we pre-finish your wood, we either hand-hew or complete surface sanding (on request) to ensure your pre-finished wood absorbs the first and second coats and all finishes well. If you’re finishing at home, don’t skip this step. It’s critical to the absorption rate.

Step 2:  Apply two coats of stain or ask us for our flood coated pre-stain 

You must always apply two coats of stain and be sure to allow plenty of drying time and always surface sand between coats OR you can order your logs pre-stained from us. Be sure to coat all six sides of the wood, the top or rounded portion of the log, the bottom (or concave portion), both ends of the wood, and the tongue and the groove portions. If you’d rather have your wood arrive finished and ready for install, consult our exterior stain colors below. Be sure to click through to the website for more information.

Step 3: Regularly Apply a Maintenance Coat.

You can ask us anytime about pre-finishing your wood.

3 Facts You Must Know About Maintaining Your Log Home’s Exterior Wood Stain

There are three main threats to the beauty and longevity of your log siding finish and stain  — sunlight, moisture and, dirt/pollen build up.

Sunlight will break down both the finish and the stain on your home. As the southern and western exposures get the most sun, they will show weathering before the northern and eastern exposures. This is cause for concern because when you lose the finish on your logs, you open up the wood to gain moisture and shorten the life of your stain and logs.  Most log homeowners set up a regular schedule of cleaning and adding a maintenance coat to touch up their southern and eastern exposures within two years of installation. The next year they clean and touch up the northern and western exposures.  This should put you on a regular rotation schedule of a maintenance coat and a Sashco caulk touch up every year, every two years at the most.

Moisture is an ever-present threat to the beauty and longevity of your home.  The best way to beat it is to never let it in.  Follow our simple steps below for moisture management to extend the life and good looks of your log siding.

Dirt and pollen buildup is the third threat  — and the easiest to overlook. Each spring, after your main pollen season has passed, we recommend a whole house, top to bottom wash.  Think of this as giving your house a” car wash” at least once a year.  Just like when you hose down the car, it doesn’t have to be too complicated to get great results.  Plan to do a “garden hose spray down” on the exterior of your home once a year in the spring — and again in the fall if you’re feeling ambitious.  Make sure you’ve got enough hose and pressure to get up to the rafters and work your way down.  This simple practice will extend the life and luster of your log home.  It’s also a great time to check for areas that need to be re-caulked or touched up. You can contact us to order more Sashco caulk.

Choosing the Right Stain Colors, Sashco Caulk and Finishings for Your Log Home or Cabin

Did you know that the pigment in your stain actually helps fight sun damage? It’s true!

The darker your stain color, the longer the stain (and your logs) will last.  Something to consider when you’re choosing a shade. We always recommend you go as dark as your design aesthetic will allow.

Below, please consult our color charts for exterior and interior wood stains.

Storm Stain for Exterior Wood Stain

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Interior Wood Stain

Maintaining your log cabin interiors depends on the type of finishing and product you have installed.  If you have log siding installed and your log was pre-stained or pre-finished at Northern Log, then you’re all set for regular use for years to come.  We recommend you dust regularly using a soft cloth and avoid products with a wax sealant as they will dull your finish over time.  Once or twice a year, use a damp cloth (water only) to wipe down your interiors from ceiling to floor.  Check all caulk points and watch for any moisture especially in the corner joints and around windows and doors. Re-order Sashco caulk from us anytime. Scroll down to see our interior wood stain charts.

Interior Wood Stain Color Chart

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