Reclaimed wood siding, especially barn wood siding, has a very specific look – weathered, rough, and rustic. But working with old wood is not ideal in many cases, and it can be a difficult  building material to find. If you’ve worked with old wood, you’re familiar with these challenges:

  • Crooked boards
  • Curling
  • Ground-in dirt
  • Insect invasions
  • And more…

Now there are lumber options that mimic the style of reclaimed wood but don’t come with the challenges.

Rough Sawn Lumber Textures

In order to find a reclaimed wood appearance in new materials, look for products that have a rough sawn texture – meaning wood that’s used as originally cut, without smoothing or sanding. Common rough cut lumber textures include: circle-sawn, band-sawn, and planed.

Circle-sawn rough lumber is perfect for anyone who is going for an authentic rustic appearance, as it is the roughest of the three textures. Band-sawn texture is less rough and since it’s produced with a band saw the face has straight markings instead of circular. Planed boards are the smoothest of the three.

Circle-Sawn Texture

Example of Northern Log's circle sawn barn wood

The circle-sawn texture is created by sawmills leaving circular blade markings on the face of the board to create a rustic texture in the graining patterns.

Circle-sawn siding can be used for a number of different projects from residential to commercial.

Colors for the rustic paneling include:

  • White wash – great for a farmhouse kitchen
  • Stone grey – perfect for a rustic accent wall
  • Warm walnut – inviting option for a study or restaurant
  • Natural pine – natural way to brighten up a kitchen or lobby, or even on the ceiling

More examples of Northern Log’s Rough Circle-Sawn Wood Siding:

Circle sawn wood siding from Northern Log Supply used in kitchen

circle saw wood interior paneling with rusted metal above from Northern Log Supply

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