Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are kiln dried to 6-8% moisture content to help prevent shrinkage. Each board is inspected and defected as it comes thru the production line. All of our tongue and groove paneling and log siding is end matched for ease of installation and zero waste. Log siding is precision milled for a weather tight fit. This attention to detail assures you the best quality available.
The biggest advantage is in the savings in materials and labor. Since we have already defected out the bad spots in the wood, you do not need to purchase extra material for waste. Also, you waste no pieces with end matching as you do not need to butt the end match on a stud. And, the piece you cut off at the end of your wall is the starting piece for the next row. You, the customer, get all usable product.
The majority of your order is 8’ lengths with some random length pieces mixed in. The random boards help break up the joint pattern and are easy for the installer to handle.
Your product comes ready to be installed and finished with your choice of finishes. No sanding is required before finishing. Our tongue ‘n grooved paneling is available prefinished for your convenience. For your log siding, we recommend you purchase a stain that has all the properties necessary to beautify, protect and preserve the wood from moisture, the sun’s UV rays, insects, mildew and fungus.
Our wood siding, paneling and flooring are perfect for the Do-It-Yourselfer. The tongue and groove, end match design offers easy installation. The only measuring necessary is on the last piece in a row. After you make the cut, you will use the leftover piece to start your next row. When nailing or screwing the boards to the studs, angle the nail down through the tongue on a 45 degree angle. The next row will hide the nails with the tongue, locking the boards in place.
We haven’t yet found a log that can tell the difference!
The knotty pine paneling can be installed using any finish or brad nail. We recommend a 2” brad nail. For the log siding, we recommend using a galvanized framing nail (8 penny ring shank) for the quarter log siding and a 3” galvanized decking screw for the half log siding.
Quarter log siding is 1 ½” thick and has a slightly rounded face. Half log siding is 2 ½” thick and has a well rounded face, giving it the appearance of a half log. Both siding are available in 6” and 8” widths in smooth or hand hewn. Half log siding is also available in a 10” width.
The biggest advantage is lower cost for the same look as a full log home. The homeowner is able to install it themselves, saving labor costs. With a full log home, all wiring and plumbing is done in front of the log as it cannot be drilled through the solid log. With log siding, all wiring and plumbing is behind, hidden from view. Also, if you decide you want to change the look of your home, log siding or paneling can be taken off and replaced.
You can finish a frame constructed house or remodel your existing home with our log siding and matching trims. When you see a home built with our log siding products, you won’t believe you aren’t looking at full logs! We offer log corners to be used with our log siding on framed houses. These log corners are milled from solid logs to give your home the authentic look of a log home. We also offer “butt and pass” corners for the original log home look.
Delivery is available is certain areas. Large loads are shipped using a common carrier. Rates are based on distance and load size.