Log Homes and the sense of history that comes with them are back in style — but your great-grandparents wouldn’t recognize the log homes of today.  Modern builders can offer the strength and sustainability of wood in so many styles, colors and combinations it’ll make your head spin!  Here’s a quick guide to help you decide what’s right for you and your home. We’re gonna start with the foundation, and build up from there. Below you’ll find out how to select the right wood species, the right style and size of logs for your wooden building.

White Cedar is the best choice of wood for exterior siding. It has the highest bug, disease and rot resistance without the maintenance worries from sap or pitch.

Choosing the Right Wood Species

Deciding what species you need can be tough. Most log homes are made of cedar or pine, but there’s a lot more to think about than just the price.  White pine is budget friendly and white cedar is the most bug, disease and rot-resistant wood available.  We mill both to be strong enough for your home construction, and with a variety of finishings available. Our white pine and white cedar kiln dried down to 10% moisture rating and finished to absorb stain well.

Why We Only Offer White Cedar and White Pine

While white cedar has the highest bug, disease and rot resistance, and the lowest (almost none) sap and pitch. All pine species contain pitch or sap and the knots ooze when warmed by the sun.  We offer white pine as it is a budget-friendly option and oozes much less than red pine. Red bleeds sap, no matter how low the moisture content. White pine will ooze some and you’ll need to plan on some maintenance, but it’s significantly less than the red pine shown below.

photo of dripping red pine sap

Choose the Right Log Dimensions for Your Home

It’s all about scale and what looks good to your eye.  Generally, big home uses big logs, like our Paul Bunyan logs (3/4 diameter). Smaller homes usually use a quarter or half log.  However, sometimes a small home looks great with a big log.  Check out this small, single story home featuring large logs and rusted steel!  Work with a designer or call us to help you figure out what will look best on your home.

Get the Finishing Touches Right with the right texture, Corners, D Trim and Pre-Finishing

Your log home isn’t complete without the right finishing touches.  Be sure to order our D Trim to finish out your window and door trim.  Also, ask for pre-finishing to save time and money on the site by having the finish coat applies before it leaves the factory.

With all species have D trim and full corner systems
All hand hewn and smooth
Easy install, tongue and groove

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