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Shiplap & Nickel Gap Wood

From fancy farmhouse to cottage cute, order your heart’s desire today!

If you crave the rustic look with a modern twist, we’ve got just what you’re looking for in shiplap or nickel gap wood with either a smooth or rough-sawn finish.

Shiplap vs. Nickel Gap

What’s the difference? Both types of wood have a rustic modern look with small gaps between the boards, but one has a more “finished” look (nickel gap) and the other is a bit more rustic (shiplap).

Nickel Gap

Nickel gap wood has a more “polished” look with a consistent width in the gap (about the thickness of a nickel), and a smooth finish which you can ask us to pre-finish with any minwax stain — or simply order our white washed or unfinished nickel gap. There is a tongue and groove style allowing you to “hide” the nails in the groove and giving a smooth look overall.


Shiplap wood has a space between boards too, but it must be face nailed, giving it a more rustic (barn like) look. See our face nailed example above. You may order your shiplap with a rough sawn finish — which is very rugged, (see our rough sawn shiplap sample) or a smooth finish and in white wash or stone grey.

Wood Finishes


Minwax Colors

Ask us to apply any of these Minwax colors to smooth boards. Contact us to create a custom color match. Finishing includes one coat of clear coat to seal the finish and allow for easier cleaning.

Shiplap Pricing

Finished LF Unfinished LF Finished Unfinished
1×6 1.18/LF 0.91/LF 2.78/SF 2.20/SF
1×8 1.56/LF 1.29/LF 2.64/SF 2.58/SF
1×12 1.98/LF 1.55/LF 2.57/SF 2.02/SF

*Random 6-16′ lengths. Can do combination widths.

Nickel Gap Pricing

Finished LF Unfinished LF Finished Unfinished
1×6 1.18/LF 0.91/LF 2.78/SF 2.20/SF
1×8 1.86/LF 1.29/LF 2.64/SF 2.08/SF
1×12 1.98/LF 1.55/LF 2.57/SF 2.02/SF

*Available in 6-16′ lengths. Endmatch available. Available in any Minwax color, grey and white.